Jed Stone - Military Services

Jed is a massive favourite with Her Majesty’s Armed Forces both in the U.K. and abroad. He has completed countless major tours of Germany over the past 12 years and has appeared in Cyprus too, as well as hundreds of one nighters here including, R.M.A.Sandhurst, H.M.S. Nelson, H.M.S Mercury, R.A.F. Cranwell, Catterick Garrison, Colchester Garrison, Aldershot Garrison, R.A.F Cosford, R.A.F. Waddington and many more.

He works equally well to Junior Ranks, as he does to W.O.’s and Sergeant’s Messes and Officers Messes. He was compere and comedian for the huge Rhine Army Summer Show in Paderborn Germany for four years in a row, performing to 3,000 plus people every time.

It is for Summer Balls and Christmas Draw functions that Jed really comes into his own. He not only does his own show but will run the entire evening, including compering the other entertainment, doing the draws, raffles, awards, auctions, money tree, in short anything that happens on stage.

He makes the jobs of the P.E.C., the P.M.C. or the event organiser a lot easier by taking all that pressure away from them allowing them to look after the hundreds of other tasks that go towards a successful event.

Jed is available for all things Military including the aforementioned Summer Balls, Christmas Functions, Battle Honour Balls, Battle Of Britain Balls, Dining In and Dining Out Evenings, Fathers and Sons Dinners, Valentines Functions and general Mess entertainment evenings.

Excellent references are available on request.